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Find everything about Avnet's IoT Partner Program, an end-to-end environment for IoT initiatives with guides, resources and support that you need to deploy your smart apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is partner onboarding process?

We have a 6-step onboarding process which includes account creation, program selection, compliance, payment, signing of the agreement and review. Our team will review your application and will notify through email once the review is completed.

What is Avnet's IoT Partner Program?

Avnet’s IoT Partner Program is designed to empower system integrator and companies that provide digital services and technology solutions and want to create sought-after products using industry-leading tools and technologies, find other partners as well as customers to take advantage of the disruptive nature of the Internet of Things.

What can I do with Avnet's IoT Partner Program?

Our IoT Partner Program provides capabilities for an end-to-end IoT journey for your IoT applications. You can accelerate IoT enablement, giving an edge to customers and system integrators. Our IoT ecosystem offers a broad range of solutions including connectivity, near real-time communication methods, application development tools and analytical capabilities. You can find more information by browsing the Knowledgebase.

Where can I find IoTConnect Platform technical documentation?

You can find our complete technical guides here. Additionally you can also refer to our Knowledgebase section for detailed articles on various functionalities of IoTConnect which will help you to create entities, companies, devices, firmware and lots more.

Are my devices going to stay secured?

For transport encryption, you can use either MQTT (over SSL) or HTTPS protocols. Each device has unique access token credentials used for connection setup. Type of credentials is pluggable with support for X.509 certificates.

What type of devices can be connected to IoTConnect?

The types of devices that can be connected are endless. These can include HVAC systems, production equipment, biometric systems, fire and safety systems as well as sensors and actuators and others.