IoT Partner Program

IoT Partner Program

Who can add products in Solutions Hub?

Except for Service partners, anyone can add products in Solutions Hub.

What is hub status?

You can see hub status for your hardware, software and AI solutions when you have requested your products to be listed on our marketplace, Solutions Hub. If the status is shown as draft, it means that the details that you have provided for the listing is still in the draft version and you haven’t submitted it for review. If the status is pending, it means that it is under review with your account manager. And if it is approved, you can see your product listed in our Solutions Hub. Also, with unpublish button, you can remove the listing of your products from Solutions Hub.

What are service hours in Avnet’s IoT Partner Program? What is the difference between consumed hours and available hours?

Based on the support package you choose, there are certain service hours allocated to you. These hours are used by the support team to resolve any tickets raised by you. Consumed hours are the total sum of hours used for the resolution of your support tickets while the balance is deemed as available service hours.

How can I connect with my account manager?

To connect with your account manager, go to the Help and Support section. You can find details of your account manager including name, e-mail id and contact number.

How can I track the progress of my support ticket?

To track the progress of your ticket:

  • Go to the Help and Support section in the portal.
  • Click on the view tickets button.
  • Search for your ticket in the list.
  • Click on the view icon to view details.

To know more about viewing your ticket and its details, click here.


How can I raise a support ticket?

To raise a support ticket, you need to go to the Help and Support section in the portal and then click on create tickets button. To know about ticket creation in detail, click here.

Can I add multiple people from my organization with the same rights?

Yes, you can add as many users as you want from your organization with the same rights. Read more about user management here.

How long will it take to resolve my ticket?

The time duration needed to resolve the ticket depends on the type of the issue. We will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How do I create ticket for any issues with my sandbox?

Click help and support tab from the dashboard. Here you will get an option to create tickets. Read more to know about ticket management here.

Where can I find more information on connecting device with platform?

To get detailed information on how to add, delete, view and manage devices, click here

What is a Secret key in environment information?

As soon as user create an environment instance, a Secret key will be generated.

What is an API key in environment information?

As soon as SIs create an environment for their products, an API key will be generated. They can get the key from environment details Environment section of Product module.

Do I need to enter environment information all time creating new products?

As environment instance are linked to individual products, you need to enter environment information whenever you create a new product.

Can I host different products on different environment instance?

Yes, you can host different products on different environment instances. In fact, you can also host the same product on different environment instances.

What options I will get in environment instance? What is an environment instance?

Based on the selected region and type you will get a drop-down list to select your environment instance. Read more about environment for further information.

What is the difference between a development environment and production environment?

Development environment is where you code, configure and customize your application. This environment is used by developers, have frequent updates, mostly private and not available for end customer use.

Production environment is the live version available for business use. It does not have any frequent changes expect when it is scheduled for the new release.

Why do I need to enter environment information while creating a new product?

Entering focused region and environment information enables the partner to retrieve IoTConnect instance information for that particular region and create their solution on top any instance.

Can we remove/edit user rights?

User rights are provided in the form of the role assigned to any particular user. The admin can change the roles and even assign multiple roles to any user. If the assigned role is selected as Admin; then selection for any other role(s) won’t be possible. Read more about user management here.

Can we have two admin from different geography?

Yes, you can have two or more admins from different locations.

What is the review process? Is there any tentative timeline to approve the company profile (my account)?

There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled to become a partner. The review process helps us to examine the business details mentioned in the application and identify whether the requirements are met or not. There is no tentative timeline to review the company profile, and you will be notified through email whenever the process is completed

What is my taxation ID?

Taxation ID, commonly referred to as TIN (Tax identification number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a unique number allocated by the IRS or Social Security Administration to identify the tax account of your business.

Taxation ID is used by businesses while filling returns, opening bank accounts, applying for a business credit card, and more.

What is a focused region?

It is the business market area which the company focuses based on the geo classification. Company can have a global focus, or it might target certain region/regions such as Americas (South America and North America), APAC (Asia-Pacific countries) or EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

What is the difference between a solution vendor and a consultant as specified in the primary business model?

Solution vendor is the one who sell products and solutions that is either developed by himself or any other company. While a consultant firm is a company that provides professional advice and help organizations to find the right vendors.

What is the legal name of a company?

The legal name of the company is the name with which it is registered with the government. This includes the legal entity type such as Inc., Corporation, LLC, GmbH as well. Companies use the legal name for all their official documents, legal contracts, registrations, property leases and government applications.

I am facing issues entering Government ID.

Government ID is a unique number provided by the government when you get your business registered. It is usually a combination of numbers and, in some cases, letters as well. You can find this number on the company’s certificate of incorporation.

What happens in case I update my product on IoT Partner Program? Will it reflect to each active customer’s instance?

Our platform provides OTA updates through which you can schedule and push updates to your customer’s devices. Learn more about OTA updates from our user guide.

Whom should I contact if the partner is not responding on queries regarding applications?

If the partner is not responding to your query you can email us at

What if my application is rejected? Can I resubmit the application?

While reviewing the application, if we find that the information provided is not sufficient, we will send you an email asking for more information instead of rejecting the application.

How does IoT Partner Program review content for Solutions Hub submission?

We have a dedicated team in place that reviews the content when it is submitted to the platform.

Can I sell my application to more than one customer?

Yes, you can sell your application on Solution Hub to as many customers as you want.