Avnet’s IoT Partner Program: Avnet’s IoT Partner Program is an IoT ecosystem that offers an end-to-end environment for IoT initiatives.

access point: A device that allows wireless-equipped computers and other devices to communicate with a wired network.

API: To accelerate the speed of software development and provide access to application features, the IoTConnect API is based around REST framework.

Attribute: Attributes allow you to enter details about the data that will be captured by the assigned device in the form of name, data type and unit.

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Batch import:With this module you can import a batch of devices, it’s detailing and what to do if an error occurs during the process.

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Consultancy: A type of support package through which IoTConnect solution expert service is offered.

Command: Commands can be executed when any device receives data other than pre-defined in the system.

Certificate:Certificate verifies identity when a device enters in an IoT ecosystem, encrypts in-transit communications and protects networks from exploits. Overall, certificates safeguard systems and reduce risks for users.

Configuration:Configuration module consists of various connectors. They help to effortlessly import and export data to and from different systems.

Custom file storage:Sometimes IoT solutions need some additional data types which do not fall under the specified categories. For such scenarios, IoTConnect provides you an option of custom file storage.

Custom fields:With IoTConnect’s custom field feature, you can configure inputs based on your requirement for modules like company, user, entity and device.

CA-signed certificate:X.509 certificates that allow you to authenticate your devices for securing data communication.

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Device:IoT device is a smart device that supports internet connectivity. Through connectivity, these devices can interact with other devices. Not only that, it grants remote access to a user for managing the device as per their needs. These devices can be anything from consumer devices, wearables, home appliances, industrial monitoring systems to security systems.

DevLab:DevLab is a testing environment of IoTConnect that allows you to get familiarized with the platform.

Data ingestion API:With data ingestion you can obtain and import data from different data sources like ERPs, or CRMs for immediate use in IoTConnect or storage in a database.

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Entity: Entity management segment helps you to define parent-child architecture allowing you to simplify device allocation. An entity can be your company locations, floor-wise division of your factory, or operation-wise allocation of your company.

Edge devices: Computing when performed by analyzing data directly on the device itself, that is at the edge of the network, rather than on the cloud, the devices responsible for computing are edge devices.

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Firmware:Firmware is data that provides instruction on how a device should operate. Without firmware, most devices won’t be able to work.

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Gateway devices:When sensors do not have the capability to connect to an IoT platform on their own, gateways devices help them to intersect or connect with the network, cloud or data center.

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Historical graph:Visualization of historical data in graphical format. This module can be viewed from devices segment of IoTConnect.

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IoTConnect:IoT platform that offers modules like device, users, rules, SDKs and command management that allows you to build smart solutions.

Insights graph:Visualization of real-time data in graphical format. This module can be viewed from devices segment of IoTConnect.

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Knowledgebase:It is a comprehensive program for information on DevLab and Avnet’s IoT Partner Program. You can search your queries and find detailed documentations for our program as well as API references.

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Live data:The live data segment from device module in IoTConnect DevLab displays the real-time data streaming from your device.

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MQTT:MQTT is a messaging protocols used to communicate with devices.

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OTA updates:For a hassle-free update of your firmware, we provide over the air (OTA) updates in our IoTConnect platform.

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Partner Services :Partner Program provides an account manager to have an in-depth understanding of your business needs. And based on your requirements, the account manager will tailor all the plans related to software, hardware, AI, support, etc. Services module allows you to view the consumption, validation and status of the modules that you have availed.

Product:Your hardware or software solutions are termed as product in our IoT Partner Program.

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RDK:Rapid development kit for IoTConnect to quickly build and deploy IoT solutions.

Response time:Maximum time taken to respond to a ticket of a certain priority.

Role:Role is associated with users. An SI can create roles like admin, manager, etc., for their users.

Rule:Rules enable you to monitor your devices in near real-time and automatically invoke actions, such as send emails, show UI notifications, etc. whenever the rule is matched.

Resources:Resources segment of IoTConnect DevLab allows you to access knowledgebase and documents related to SDKs as well as APIs.

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Subscriber:Subscribers are users that purchase your subscription plan.

Subscription: Subscription module allows you to add parameters like number of messages, devices, users and connectors that you want your end-users to leverage. Based on the number of parameters added, you can offer subscription plans to your clients.

System integrator: Any user that registers their company on Avnet’s IoT Partner Program is termed as System Integrator.

SDKs:SDKs enable Device2­Cloud and Cloud2­Device communication.

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Ticket:A service request made by the SI regarding some issue/query.

Ticket priority:A ticket can be prioritized as normal, urgent, high and low based on the content.

Telemetry in Cosmos DB, Blob storage, Service bus, Event Hub:Telemetry data, such as humidity or temperature as well as data-point messages are sent to be stored in either of the mentioned databases.

Template:It is pre-defined structure is required to manage devices and their associated properties which helps you in provisioning your IoT system to take care of the entire device management system with seamless dataflow.

Twin property:Twin property is used to reset the property of the device to its default value that you need to enter.

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User type:Users are classified in two types: User/ Admin.

User list:User list provides details of users.

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